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Ohmydesk - Your Trusted Partner for Seamless Business Solutions in Dubai!

Close enough to know your business goals and your favorite coffee order – because at Ohmydesk, we take ‘close partnership’ to a whole new level !

At Oh My Desk, we are proud to collaborate with Bolster Group, offering a suite of carefully designed services to elevate your corporate experience.

We understand that running a business is a journey, and having a reliable partner is crucial. That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of services, ensuring that you have a dedicated ally for every aspect of your business. Meet us at the Ground Floor !

Our Partnership Services

1. Company Incorporation

2. Banking Account Opening

3. Accounting Solutions

4. Visa Services

Why Choose Us ?

Over a Decade of Expertise

Our extensive experience allows us to navigate the complexities of the business landscape in Dubai with precision and insight.

Your Business, Our Neighborhood

Imagine having your accountant just two offices down the aisle! At Ohmydesk, our offices aren't just spaces; they are your close-knit neighborhood for success.

Unparalleled Convenience

One partner for all your business needs, just a few steps away. Streamlining processes and saving you time.

Expertise Across Industries

Our team understands the unique challenges of various industries, providing tailored solutions.

Proactive Support

Anticipate and overcome challenges with our proactive approach to client support.

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