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Private Offices

Our private office spaces provide a spacious and contemporary work environment bathed in natural light. Nestled in a sprawling area with expansive bay windows, our offices combine modern aesthetics with a touch of the outdoors, creating an inviting atmosphere. These private offices are perfect for individuals who seek a dedicated workspace, offering a balance of comfort and productivity. With various options available, you can select the office that best suits your needs, ensuring a versatile and conducive setting for enhanced productivity.
Starting from 4,500 AED/Month

Dedicated Desk

Our hot desk offering is uniquely positioned on the mezzanine level, providing a closed and private workspace above the bustling co-working area. Each hot desk is dedicated, featuring its own optional private computer screen and a spacious desk, ensuring a personalized and productive environment. Nestled in a tranquil setting, this space is designed for individuals who value the comfort of privacy but do not require a fully private office, striking the perfect balance between tranquility and a collaborative atmosphere.
Starting from 2,000 AED/month

Coworking Space

Our co-working space offers a spacious and modern environment filled with natural light, set in a large area adorned with expansive bay windows. The contemporary decor, complemented by touches of the natural surroundings, creates an inviting atmosphere, ideal for both solo entrepreneurs and those who thrive in an open workspace. With ample desk spaces available, you have the flexibility to choose your preferred spot, making it a versatile and comfortable setting to enhance your productivity.
OMD Membership : 950 AED/month

Virtual Offices

Welcome to our Virtual Office Service, the innovative solution designed to elevate your business presence and streamline your operations. In today’s dynamic business landscape, flexibility and agility are key, and our Virtual Office Service is tailored to meet the demands of modern professionals like you.

With our Virtual Office Service :


Experience effortless parking directly at your workplace, eliminating the hassle of searching for spots and the risk of fines. Choose the practicality of convenience with our parking solutions.

OMD Parking : 900 AED

High-speed WIFI

Wireless and wired network equipment, customizable upon request to suit your IT environment.

Kitchens and Amenities

Bean-to-cup coffee machine, self-service water fountain.


Cleaning is performed daily in your living and working spaces (emptying, cleaning, disinfection)

Access Control

We ensure the installation and management of all access control equipment for your security.


Installation and management of all security and access control equipment.

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